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Document Freeze Drying Restoration Ontario

wet document restoration in Ontario

Professional Document Restoration and Freeze Drying Services Throughout Ontario

We restore documents that have been damaged by water or mold. Our certified technicians have recovered thousands of documents from banks, law firms, medical centers, and universities throughout Ontario. We have local offices and can support customers in Toronto, Windsor, Brampton and throughout the region. Vacuum freeze drying is almost the same concept, but the documents are frozen in a separate chamber before they are put into the drying chamber. When the documents are frozen, it ensures that the ink will not drip off of the paper and ensures maximum quality. After the documents are frozen, they are put into a different chamber which will then remove the moisture and dry the contents completely. This has proven to be the most efficient way to dry documents in recent times.

Wet Documents – Mouldy Documents – Smoke Damage Document Recovery

water damaged documents

freeze dried and cleaned

restored and repackaged

Our Customers Include

  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • Commercial Property Managers and Business Owners
  • Government Agencies and Municipalities
  • Legal Firms and Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Colleges, Schools and Universities

Count on our team to help repair and restore wet documents, smoke damaged documents from fire’s, flooding, storm damage disasters.

Wet Document Freeze Drying Services To These Cities In Ontario

Brampton, Hamilton, Kitchener, London,
Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, Vaughan,